It all started: on a long scenic drive from Phoenix, AZ to El Paso, TX. With a ton of time to think I was daydreaming of really good conversation ping-pong. It begins with a common interest and like wildfire you start volleying back and forth. “Have you heard of…?” “I think you would really like…” “That reminds me of this other thing” and so on and so forth.

The Idea: is that in a world where people are constantly creating it’s exciting to share in discovery and learning with those around you. This collective offers a space to bridge gaps of distance/time, build community, and share life.

The Recommendations: will encompass a virtually limitless spectrum. From a new book you’re reading to an old one you’ve loved, an article that sparked your interest, music you wish the whole world could hear, art that moves and inspires you, a story you wrote, a website that needs to be shared, a business worth patronizing, an activity someone else should try, an idea sprouting in your head, or anything else you want to share.

Send submissions to: theconversationcollections@gmail.com